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Turkey Map

Turkish Dollarlization

Turkey has essentially embraced a dollarlization policy.  The reasons for this are both typical and unique.  Last week, the Turkey stock exchange was halted.  This event had a bit of a lag based on the sliding Turkish Lira and the…

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United States Map - 3d Render Illusration

US Election Projections

The race is very close.  The current situation is Biden at 224 and Trump at 213.  The remaining states that could decide the election are Pennsylvania (20), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11), Michigan (16) and Wisconsin (10). We…

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Map Of Italy On Globe

Italian Referendum

The Italian Referendum is a potential macro risk.  The vote is for a more simplified government so that changes can be implemented easier.  It is in fact a vote for more centralization. Business activity should be easier since local authorities…

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Metal Dice With The Currency Symbols Of Europe, England, United States, Russia, Japan, And China On A Steel Mesh Background

FX Forecast Alert: GBP

Strong Possibility of the Leave Campaign winning.  Brexit is clearly more likely to happen.  Please see my quick analysis in the previous article. Expectations: GBP to drop to around 1.20 or even less by year end. US Dollar and Japanese…

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International Business Deals With Globe Background

TPP – A Geopolitical Trade Deal for US and Asia

This deal is really about implementing the Asian ‘pivot’ since China is not included purposely.  There are 12 countries that represent 40% of world GDP, with the US and Japan being the key ones. All three NAFTA countries (US, Canada…

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