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NVIDIA Earnings Report shows Strong Revenue and Profit

NVIDIA: Strong Revenue and Profit When delving into NVIDIA's latest earnings report, it becomes evident that several factors have contributed to the company's robust financial performance. NVIDIA, a leading semiconductor company known for its innovative graphic chips, reported a significant…

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Macro Valuation® | Report 3 – Apple

Highlights of Apple Stock Earnings Slip The key takeaways of the earnings report slip revolved around a significal decline versus sales expectations in China and a decline in MacBook sales. China's shrinking iPhone revenues, in combination with other regional challenges,…

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Macro Valuation® | Report 2 – Nvidia

Rising Tensions and Slowdown to Impact Nvidia Valuation As we noted in our October 19th post, rising geopolitical tension resulting from the new chip export restrictions will impact semiconductor companies like Nvidia.  After the restrictions were announced Nvida's stock fell. …

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Macro Valuation® | Report 1 – Apple

Is the Valuation of Apple Pricing in Geo-politics? Our view is that the market is partially pricing in the risks that Apple could face from what we see as increasing tensions between the US and China.   We recently looked at…

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Macro Valuation® | Report – Oil Stocks

Oil Stock Valuations Face High Uncertainty Our recent articles on oil prices and oil stocks raised several risks to the oil price and broader economy.  Given where we are in the global economic cycle, the article argued a negative view…

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