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Insights on Geopolitics | Monetary Policy | Business Cycles

Benefit from our 3-step process based on unique insights and trading intuition thanks to over 20 years of experience!

Step 1| Interpretation

It is our ability to see and interpret global financial events that sets us apart. Our competitive advantage is that we see events unfolding that others miss or see too late.

Step 2 | Trading Intuition

You gain from our knowledge and experience in trading or investing in the global financial markets. This is the most value-added part of all our services.

Step 3 | Insights & Alerts

Analysis of major economic and political events with insights on how you can position your portfolio to avoid risks and profit from opportunities in the medium to long-term.

Global Macro Advisory® | Alerts

Alerts on major political, economic or financial developments in the global financial markets from a trading perspective.

Our premium early warning system where we provide you with specific trading strategies to protect your investment portfolio from major market moves.

Alerts on monetary policy in the US and key central banks globally with a focus on how these decisions  impact your trading.

Macro Valuation® | Report

Thematic research/Insights on how  macro and geo-political trends affect certain industries or stocks to improve your trading/investing.

A proprietary monthly index ranking the major geopolitical, economy, financial and energy risks that could impact your portfolio.

Monthly review of monetary policy changes for key central banks, housing market analysis, inflation risks plus our monthly CB-Index™.

OptionWhiz Pro® | Insights

Benefit from our exclusive OptionWhiz Pro® Insights plus Option Investability™, our proprietary rating on various stock and ETF options.

Volatility plays a key part in the pricing of options and is seen as a risk measure by the market.

Learn how to trade the global macro environment with the right option strategy.  Take precise positions while limiting your risk.

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OptionWhiz Pro® | Insights

Important Information: The trading insights/alerts on options and stocks are provided only for educational/illustrative purposes.  For more information on our macro trading strategy and our disclaimer please see below.

Disclaimer Statement

For more information on our Global Macro Strategy please click the button below:

Trading Strategy

Please book an appointment if you have any questions that you would like to have addressed regarding specific question on  OptionWhiz Pro® | Insights.

Our Insights are backed by Trading Intuition developed over years of trading in crisis and non-crisis environments.

Crisis and Non-Crisis Trading Track Record

Exceptional returns were achieved during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007-2008 Credit Crunch.


Asian Crisis

  • Gained  More than 10 Times Initial Investment!
  • Risk Capped at 25% of Initial Investment!


Credit Crunch

  • Hit Ratio (% of winning trades): 67%
  • Best Trades after expenses: 120% (2007) and 198% (2008)


Non-Crisis Track Record Example

  • Yearly Return – 100%+
  • Hit Ratio: very high
  • Best Trade was 169%
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Guide to Macro Trading in Times of Financial Crises

© 2013 by John Diamondopoulos All rights reserved.

  • Introduction to Macro Trading | Global Macro Trading
  • Keys to Macro Trading and to Higher Returns
  • What is Macro Trading so special or unique?
  • Macro Trading during Times of Financial Crises
  • Does this Mean that Crises Cannot be Predicted?
  • Our Macro Trading Strategy
  • Trading Results:  2007-2008 Credit Crunch
  • Trading Results:  1997 Asian Financial Crisis
  • Macro Trading and Monetary Policy
  • References

Before undertaking any investment decision, it is highly recommended that you obtain advice from a financial advisor. Macro Trading Edge Ltd. is not a registered investment adviser and we do not provide investment advice or recommendations. Macro Trading Edge Ltd. is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

You need to be aware that past performance is not a guide or guarantee of future performance.  Prices may go down or up and in some investment assets it is possible that you may loose more than your original investment.  It is your responsibility to see professional advice from a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decision.  The Responsibility of Your Investments are Yours and Yours Alone.

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