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Insights on Geopolitics | Monetary Policy | Business Cycles

It is our interpretation of global financial events that sets us apart. Our competitive advantage is that we see events unfolding that others miss or see too late.

You gain knowledge and experience (trading intuition) in trading or investing in the global financial markets. This is the most value-added part of all our services.

Global Macro Advisory® online macro newsletter includes:

Key Insights on the Global Financial Market

We analyze major economic and political events and provide you with insights on how you can position your portfolio to avoid risks and profit from opportunities in the medium to long-term (for educational purposes).

Central Bank View™

Our analysis of monetary policy decisions and the impact on your trading.

Global Macro Alerts™

Alerts on major political, economic or financial developments in the global financial markets.

Proprietary Indices

CB-Index™ - changing monetary conditions & MacroRisk-Index™ - geopolitical risks facing markets

Trading Info Hub™

Links to key information sources on financial markets, monetary policy, economics and politics.

Get a trading edge in the global financial markets!



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