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RUSSIA - 2013: Dedicated The 20th Anniversary Of The State Duma

Russian-Ukrainian War Analysis

Russia is now reacting from the recent success of the Ukranians in capturing territory in the northern front.  The Ukrainian plan was executed with the help of the Americans and British in terms of planning and suceeded beyond expectations.™ Putin…

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Black Oil Pump Jacks In The Desert Of Bahrain, Middle East

OPEC Forecast

We have taken a speculative position on the OPEC meeting in November.  There are arguments for both a deal and also a no-deal scenario. I will briefly discuss both scenarios, then provide what our view is and why.  First, the…

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Oil Pipelines And Rigs In Desert

Oil Prices and Doha Meeting

The Doha Meeting will impact oil prices for 2016.   Many analyst are confused at what will transpire at this meeting. There seems to be a weak view building that the meeting will produce some type of agreement but lots…

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Black Oil Pump Jacks In The Desert Of Bahrain, Middle East

Oil Forecast – March 2016

Oil Forecast An oil price recovery is the key to a commodity rebound since oil is priced in dollars and it is an input into commodity production. The continuation of economic stimulus programs in the EU, Japan and China bodes…

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Globe - Russia

Russian Geopolitics in Mediterranean

Russian geopolitics in the Mediterranean are wider than Syria. In our previous article, Syrian End Game, we discussed the reasons behind the recent Russian intervention in Syria.  Essentially, the Russians need to protect their only naval base in the Mediterranean…

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Oil Trading Concept

Oil Oversupply – How long will it last?

News of Oil stored on ships (floating storage) puts more downward pressure on oil prices in the short-term.  In addition, onshore oil storage are at all times highs, Chinese demand has fallen plus the Saudi decision to keep pumping oil…

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Oil Forecast

Oil Outlook

The bad news for oil keeps piling on.  Oil has fallen for three out of the last four weeks and the number of oil rigs in the US according to Baker Hughes keep falling – 10th straight week. Is there…

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