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United States Federal Reserve Emblem On Note

FED Outlook 2016

Our forecast for the next US Fed rate rise has been revised to account for the recent macro data.   The data has come in weaker than it should to warrant a rate rise in September.  Thus, nothing will occur in…

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Crumpled Globe With Politics Words

Macro Context™: 5 key themes to consider

Today, macro factors, both on the political and economic fronts, will play a decisive role on the future direction of asset prices.  From the political wrangling over the US Debt ceiling to timing and the speed of weaning the US…

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Map Of US On Globe

Global Macro Alerts™ – US Budget Deadline Analysis

Expect lots of volatility as politics once again predominates. With both sides drawing lines in the sand and refusing to budge a federal shutdown seems increasing likely. The U.S. senate voted along party lines to extend financing till November 15th,…

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