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Market Outlook Q4 2023

Our outlook is that that the combination of over-priced markets, AI-hype, and geo-political risk will mean a correction sometime in September or October.  This is  is based on the recent escalation of geo-political risk between China and the US on…

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Map Of China

China Deflation and Market Implications

China has recently slipped into a period of deflation. This has raised concerns among economists and policymakers about the state of China's economy and its implications for global trade. In this article, we will explore the concept of deflation, its…

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Global Macro Watch™ – Market Risks

Investor sentiment reached new highs after the Trump speech last week.  Instead of putting new money into the market at this stage, we would suggest investors to tread carefully. Over the last couple of months, we have been increasing our…

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Holding On To Rising Stock Market

Market Volatility View

Market volatility has gone up over the last few days.  In fact it was under 12 during the past 5 days and recently jumped to over 18.  Currently, it went down to the 16 range, loosing more than 6%. The…

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Turkey Map

Turkish EU Deal is a Game Changer

Just as Turkey seemed to be sliding into escalating violence and chaos, an opportunity arose and President Erdogan agreed to 3 Billion Euro aid package with the EU.  The impetus of the deal was the increasing migration mess in Europe…

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Macro Context™: 5 key themes to consider

Today, macro factors, both on the political and economic fronts, will play a decisive role on the future direction of asset prices.  From the political wrangling over the US Debt ceiling to timing and the speed of weaning the US…

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Map Of US On Globe

Global Macro Alerts™ – US Budget Deadline Analysis

Expect lots of volatility as politics once again predominates. With both sides drawing lines in the sand and refusing to budge a federal shutdown seems increasing likely. The U.S. senate voted along party lines to extend financing till November 15th,…

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