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The Biden-Trump Presidential Debate 2024

Biden Stumbles Amplifying Concerns about his Age

The recent debate between President Biden and Donald Trump in Atlanta showcased notable differences in presentation styles. Trump came across as confident and forceful, making misleading attacks and exaggerations, while Biden struggled with articulation and recall during the debate. Key moments included Biden stumbling over words on various topics, Trump showcasing discipline initially but slipping into wild claims later, and personal attacks exchanged between the two candidates.

  • President Biden faced challenges in articulation and recall during the debate.
  • Donald Trump presented confidently, making misleading attacks and exaggerations.
  • Biden stumbled over words on topics like national debt and struggled to articulate statistics.

Trump Debate Plan Paid Off

Trump’s strategy in the debate was focused on relentless attacks on Biden, ignoring policy questions and putting Biden on the defensive. His attacks were often unfounded, leading Biden to struggle in responding effectively. Biden attempted to steer discussions back to policy but sometimes got sidetracked into personal attacks or struggled to provide clear responses. Even though Biden criticized Trump’s policies on various issues like the economy, immigration, and healthcare, but his attacks were less impactful compared to Trump’s aggressive approach. Both candidates engaged in personal jabs at each other’s fitness and abilities throughout the debate. Overall, the debate was marked by a lack of substantive policy discussions and a focus on personal attacks and interrupting each other. The moderator struggled to maintain control as both candidates frequently talked over each other and disregarded time limits.

Trump’s combative approach seemed aimed at energizing his base and creating chaos to prevent Biden from presenting a clear message. On the other hand, Biden tried to appeal to undecided voters by emphasizing his plans for healthcare, climate change, and racial justice. In the end, it remains to be seen how this debate will impact the election, with both candidates claiming victory in their own ways.

Democrats Considering Options

The recent presidential debate was described as a distressing sight, with both candidates, Biden and Trump, showing significant shortcomings. Biden appeared frail and at times confused, while Trump was noted for his repeated lies and lack of moral direction. The focus on Biden’s performance may overshadow the concerning behavior of Trump, who has been deemed unfit to govern due to his distortions and desire for vengeance. Democrats are facing a crisis, as the current situation seems unsustainable, and there are calls for alternative solutions to be explored. In short, Joe Biden’s weak debate performance has led to discussions among Democrats about replacing him with a stronger candidate for the fight against Donald Trump.

Democrats are considering replacing Joe Biden due to his poor debate performance, with Kamala Harris being a favored choice. Other potential candidates include Democratic governors like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Josh Shapiro. These figures are positioning themselves for a potential presidential run in the future. Our view is that is probably too late at the moment to change.

  • Kamala Harris is a leading contender to replace Biden, but her popularity is not significantly higher than Biden’s, with approval ratings slightly better than his.
  • Democratic governors like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Josh Shapiro are also being considered as potential replacements for Biden due to their national presence and accomplishments.
  • JB Pritzker of Illinois, another Democratic governor, has also shown support for Biden and has the potential to become a presidential contender himself.

Our Take

It looks increasing likely of a second Trump presidential term after the recent debate.  We will cover what this might mean for the world, the US and economy in later articles.  The dissapointing performance of Joe Biden will exacerbate concerns about his age and this may move enought voters to the Trump side in a very close presidential election.  In short, you are voting for Kamala Harris in case something happens to Biden where he cannot carry out his duties as President.

The other option as mentioned is to change candidates, but this is a very risky strategy at this time with the election just around the corner in November.


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