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We provide both on-site and online courses and certificates through our Macro Trading University education portal. Our goal is to provide you with access to key courses regarding the geopolitical, behavioral and social aspects of trading. It is often said that ‘politics’ comes before ‘economics’, but this point of view is often neglected or minimized in academic studies of the financial markets.

On-Site and Online Courses

Certified Professional Trader in Global Macro - CPTGM®

We focus on three main themes to help you gain the background needed to successfully interpret and capitalize on global macro events: Behavioral & Social Aspects, Business Cycle Dynamics & Financial Crises, Global Macro Mindset.

Options for Macro Traders™

Learn option strategies that incorporate the ‘big picture’ approach of macro trading. Use precision trading strategies to capitalize on business cycles and global macro events – economic and political.

Macro Valuation™

Understand the global factors that affect stock prices. Gain an intuitive feel to quickly assess the impact of economic and political events on stock prices for better trading results.

Online Courses

Online Core Courses and Certificate Programs

Choose from 4 informative and unique Certificates: Macro Valuation, Macro Forecasting, Macro Timing and Trader Intuition. Get all 4 core courses to build a strong trading foundation: Finance, Investment, Trading and Macro.

How We Teach at Macro Trading Edge

Theory & Practice

Academic research and highly-successful trading experience are heavily integrated into the course content.

Sociology & Politics

In addition to financial and psychological aspects, we go further by discussing how sociological and political factors impact markets.

Cutting Edge

Our courses incorporate our cutting-edge academic research on financial crises – The Social Political Theory of Crises.

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