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Access all our online courses on our Virtual Learning Environment.

Macro Trading University Logo

Macro Trading University® education portal designed for professional and non-professional traders, investors and institutions. Online and onsite executive training courses.

Online Tuition: $575 to $2150

Onsite Tuition: $1275 to $4750

Traders Institute logo

Traders Institute® is designed for Higher Education Institutions and university students. Get our featured online practice-based Certificate in Trading Intuition – certTI®.

Online Tuition: for HE Institutions only

Onsite Tuition: not available

Option Whiz logo

The OptionWhiz® education portal is designed for traders and investors. Specialized options trading courses covering beginning, intermediate and advanced option strategies.

Online Tuition: $149 to $275

Onsite Tuition: not available

Featured Course

Certified Professional Trader in Global Macro


Focus on three main themes so you can successfully interpret and capitalize on global macro events: Behavioral & Social Aspects, Business Cycle Dynamics & Financial Crises, Global Macro Mindset.

Our flagship course is deeply ingrained with our trading insights and our academic research on financial crises and the sociological/psychological aspects of financial markets.

More Courses

Certificate in Macro Valuation certMV®

Understand global factors that affect stock prices. Gain an intuitive feel and quickly assess the impact of economic and political events on valuations.  Once completed, you will obtain the Certificate in Macro Valuation: certMV®


Gain a solid understanding of investment opportunities and learn option strategies that incorporate the ‘big picture’ strategic approach of macro trading. Use precision trading strategies to capitalize on business cycles and global macro events – economic and political.

Specialized Certificates

For traders/investors and professionals working at institutions to solidify their knowledge of alternative investments, energy markets, geo-politics, forecasting and timing.  These six specialized certificates help you to gain this critical knowledge.

Onsite Institutional Training

We offer high-quality professional training to financial institutions worldwide.  Our onsite training is designed to reduce your time away from work.

The maximum time is one week but all courses can be delivered in two to three days.


Banks, Investment Banks, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers, Insurance Companies, Trust Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Central Banks.


Course location are at your office or at major financial centers worldwide.


CPTGM® – 3 to 5 days

certMV® – 2 days

All Courses Include Three Integrated Teaching Themes

Theory & Practice

Academic research and highly-successful trading experience are heavily integrated into the course content.

Sociology & Politics

In addition to financial and psychological aspects, we go further by discussing how sociological and political factors impact markets.

Academic Research

Our courses incorporate our cutting-edge academic research on financial crises: The Socio-Political Theory of Crises – SPTC©.