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Macro Trading | Options Trading | Certification in Trading Intuition

Macro Trading University®  is our flagship education service designed for professional and non-professional traders, investors and institutions. Offering in-depth trading education and certification.

The OptionWhiz® education portal is designed for traders and investors.  An intuitive options trading approach that combines global macro trading with selected option trading strategies.

Traders Institute® is designed for Higher Education Institutions and university students. Enquire about our Partnership Program featuring our practice-based Certificate in Trading Intuition – certTI®.

Featured Course

Certified Professional Trader in Global Macro


Focus on three main themes so you can successfully interpret and capitalize on global macro events: Behavioral & Social Aspects, Business Cycle Dynamics & Financial Crises, Global Macro Mindset.

Our flagship course is deeply ingrained with our trading insights and our academic research on financial crises and the sociological/psychological aspects of financial markets.

All Courses Include Our Research and Trading Insights

Theory & Practice

Academic research and highly-successful trading experience are heavily integrated into the course content.

Sociology & Politics

In addition to financial and psychological aspects, we go further by discussing how sociological and political factors impact markets.

Academic Research

Our courses incorporate our cutting-edge academic research on financial crises: The Socio-Political Theory of Crises – SPTC©.

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