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14May 23

Turkish Election Forecast

Turkish Election 2023: Our Forecast The Turkish election of 2023 is a pivotal event in the country's history. With the presidential and parliamentary elections taking place simultaneously, the electorate is…

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22Mar 23

FED Rate Decision

The rate decision is due at 2:00 pm today.  More important than the rate decision is the end policy rate signals from the FED.  Based on tightening credit conditions which…

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16Mar 23

ECB Hikes Rates

Today the ECB raised rates by 0.5 to tackle the inflation problem in Europe.  This raise comes on the back of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) offering support to Credit…

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12Mar 23

SVB Collapse

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse is the second largest bank failure in US history.  It is only dwarfed by the collapse of Washing Mutual Bank in September 2008.   SVB…

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