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US Map With Trump In Middle

Market Analysis of Geopolitical Risk from Trump

How a Trump Victory in November could Increase Geopolitical Risk Donald Trump has had a significant impact on global markets and geopolitical risk. Trump's policies, ranging from tariffs to foreign relations, have triggered a series of geopolitical risks that have…

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United States Map - 3d Render Illusration

US Election Projections

The race is very close.  The current situation is Biden at 224 and Trump at 213.  The remaining states that could decide the election are Pennsylvania (20), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11), Michigan (16) and Wisconsin (10). We…

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Map Of North America

NAFTA Negotiation Forecast

The new Trump administration has met with auto executives recently.  He has threatened a 35% tax on imports from Mexico. Yesterday, without notifying the Mexican delegation, Trump and his press secretary made the decision to build the wall. And by…

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Globe - Russia

Russian Geopolitics in Mediterranean

Russian geopolitics in the Mediterranean are wider than Syria. In our previous article, Syrian End Game, we discussed the reasons behind the recent Russian intervention in Syria.  Essentially, the Russians need to protect their only naval base in the Mediterranean…

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Map Of Portugal And Spain

Anti-Austerity Forces in Portugal and Spain

Anti-austerity forces in Portugal and Spain represent a threat to Germany and European unity. Yesterday, the leftist alliance defeated legislation in parliament that resulted in the end of Prime Minister Coelho after years increased taxes and spending cuts.  On the…

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Map Of Lebanon And Syria

Syria: Is a Deal in the Works?

There are strong reasons to think so. The recent deal between Turkey and the EU is related towards finding a solution for Syria. The fight for Aleppo could result in a large wave of migrants (500,000 plus) flowing to Turkey…

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Map Of Syria

Syrian End Game

What does Russian involvement mean for Syria? Most Probable Reason:  To obtain a place at the negotiating table on Syria. Putin will prop up Assad to improve his hand.  The No-Fly Zone would have led to regime change which Russia…

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Map Of Turkey In Near East

Turkey – Political Headwinds

Turkey faces strong headwinds in the coming year both on the political and economic front.  The corruption probe that began yesterday is the latest in a series of political battles for power.  Next year is an important election year for…

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