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Bank Of Japan Notes And Coins

BOJ Signals Flexibility on Yield Curve Control

Bank of Japan Moves Closer to Normalization with Loosening of Yield Curve Control What is Yield Curve Control The central bank basically buys Japanese government bonds whenever the 10-year yields risk going beyond the 0.5% allowable range or below zero. …

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Euro Bill Hologram Photo

ECB Outlook

ECB Battles Lingering Inflation with Hold or Hike says Lagarde ECB President Lagarde states that rates will not decrease but with either hold or hike to battle stubborn inflation.  The mandate of the ECB is price stability.  Facing tight job…

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Very Tightly Cropped Image Of A Dollar Bill With Selected Focus On The Federal Reserve Official Symbol

FED Outlook

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System - Jerome Powell FMOC Raises Rates by 0.25 The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell lifted interest rates by 0.25 moving the federal funds rate to 5.5% from 5.25%.  This was widely anticipated…

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Bank Of England Note With Plastic House Models

Bank of England Rate Rise Uncertainty

The Bank of England is facing a difficult decision today.  Expectations are for a hike of 0.25 to 0.50.  Given the nature of the mortagage market in the UK where fixed rates beyond 5 years is not common, means that…

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Turkey On Map

Turkish Rate Hike Expectations

The Turkish Central Bank will need to hike interest rates today.   The question is by how much.  Currently, expectations from the market are very broad reflecting the high certaintly of the decision.  That is a result of restrictive factors such…

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Turkey Political Map

Turkish New Economic Plan Post-Election

The Turkish economy has been facing a multitude of challenges in the post-election period. The lira has been performing poorly, inflation rates are high, and regional disparities still exist. However, the new finance minister, Mehmet Simsek, has come forward with…

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Euro Coin With Technical Analysis Background

ECB Rate Hike Projection

Our projection for the ECB rates in a couple of hours is that the rate hike will be stronger than expected for several reasons. Energy inflation has impacted the key countries of Europe, specifically Germany. Aversion to inflation within the…

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United States Federal Reserve Emblem On Note

US FED Decision

The recent policy move by the US Federal Reserve to reduce rates by 0.25 was expected by the market, thus not much surprise. What was interesting about this move was the statement.  In short, the FED thinks things are going…

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