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Turkey On Map

Syrian Deal in the Works

Now that Putin has achieved his goals in Syria, expect a Syrian Deal to be put on the fast track. Putin’s first goal was popularity back home and it looks like he was very successful here.  Secondly, he was able…

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Very Tightly Cropped Image Of A Dollar Bill With Selected Focus On The Federal Reserve Official Symbol

December Rate Hike – then what?

The December rate hike is now clearly going to happen.  The Fed has been spelling this out in its messages to the market.  Expectations are for a 0.25 to 0.5 hike.  In all likelihood it will be 0.25. The big…

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South African Reserve Bank Hundred Rand Note

South Africa – A sign of things to come?

The monetary policy committee in South Africa raised rates by 0.25% last week amid fears of the coming US Fed rate rise in December.  This has happened even though growth is expected to be about 1.5% next year and with…

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Globe - Russia

Russian Geopolitics in Mediterranean

Russian geopolitics in the Mediterranean are wider than Syria. In our previous article, Syrian End Game, we discussed the reasons behind the recent Russian intervention in Syria.  Essentially, the Russians need to protect their only naval base in the Mediterranean…

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Map Of Portugal And Spain

Anti-Austerity Forces in Portugal and Spain

Anti-austerity forces in Portugal and Spain represent a threat to Germany and European unity. Yesterday, the leftist alliance defeated legislation in parliament that resulted in the end of Prime Minister Coelho after years increased taxes and spending cuts.  On the…

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Oil Trading Concept

Oil Oversupply – How long will it last?

News of Oil stored on ships (floating storage) puts more downward pressure on oil prices in the short-term.  In addition, onshore oil storage are at all times highs, Chinese demand has fallen plus the Saudi decision to keep pumping oil…

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3d Copper Element

Copper Outlook

The slowdown in China combined with a stronger dollar have reduced the price of copper to its lowest rate in 6 years.  Prices for the metal have declined over 20% for the year. Miners have been paring back investments to…

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Oil Forecast

Oil Outlook

The bad news for oil keeps piling on.  Oil has fallen for three out of the last four weeks and the number of oil rigs in the US according to Baker Hughes keep falling – 10th straight week. Is there…

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