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Map Of China

China Property Market Risk

In recent years, the property market in China has experienced significant growth and has become a vital part of the country's economy. However, there are increasing concerns about the risks associated with the market, especially in light of the current…

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Map Of China

China Deflation and Market Implications

China has recently slipped into a period of deflation. This has raised concerns among economists and policymakers about the state of China's economy and its implications for global trade. In this article, we will explore the concept of deflation, its…

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Stock Market Indices

Apple Earnings and FOMO Trade

Some analysts have kept a buy on Apple such Citi. Don't buy the AI-hype (generative ai) as we think the stock is due for a fall this Thursday. There are several headwinds that have increased the chance of the company…

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Compass On Hundred Dollar Background

The Impact of the Fitch Credit Rating Downgrade

Deterioration in standards of governance eminating from the recent political standoffs and last-minute resolutions on the debt ceiling finally pushed Fitch to downgrade the US fro AAA to AA+. In reality the difference between these two ratings in minimal and…

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Bank Of Japan Notes And Coins

BOJ Signals Flexibility on Yield Curve Control

Bank of Japan Moves Closer to Normalization with Loosening of Yield Curve Control What is Yield Curve Control The central bank basically buys Japanese government bonds whenever the 10-year yields risk going beyond the 0.5% allowable range or below zero. …

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Markets Report

Market Outlook Q3 2023

Stock Market Outlook Q3 2023: Stay Cautious Our forecast is for major central banks to keep raising rates till year end.  This will put a break on economies and potentially lead to a global synchronized recession putting pressure on profits…

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Euro Bill Hologram Photo

ECB Outlook

ECB Battles Lingering Inflation with Hold or Hike says Lagarde ECB President Lagarde states that rates will not decrease but with either hold or hike to battle stubborn inflation.  The mandate of the ECB is price stability.  Facing tight job…

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Very Tightly Cropped Image Of A Dollar Bill With Selected Focus On The Federal Reserve Official Symbol

FED Outlook

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System - Jerome Powell FMOC Raises Rates by 0.25 The Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell lifted interest rates by 0.25 moving the federal funds rate to 5.5% from 5.25%.  This was widely anticipated…

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Political Map Of Europe On Globe

Recent NATO Plan for Ukraine and Impact on Markets?

What the plan for Ukraine in NATO means? The plan for Ukraine to join NATO has significant geopolitical implications. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a collective defense alliance aimed at countering potential threats from non-member states. Ukraine's inclusion…

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