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13Mar 17

Turkish Referendum and Dutch Spat

The tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands has heated up with threats of sanctions.  From an investment point of view, it is politically motivated on both sides due to the…

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05Mar 17

Global Macro Watch™ – Market Risks

Investor sentiment reached new highs after the Trump speech last week.  Instead of putting new money into the market at this stage, we would suggest investors to tread carefully. Over…

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09Feb 17

CB-Index™ January 2017

CB-Index™ January 2017 Key Highlights: Policy rates are still negative in 3 developed markets - Japan, Switzerland and Sweden. Rate changes in develped markets: none.   Euro Zone, Japan and Canada…

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01Feb 17

MacroRisk-Index™ December 2016

MacroRisk-Index™ December 2016 The main risk is Trump for 2017. His populism has already soured relations with Mexico with Europe, specifically Germany now.  This threat is also tied to Brexit…

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