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25Mar 22
Globe - Russia

Russian Sanctions Analysis

The west led by the US has imposed very tough sanctions on Russia.  However, one of the key sanctions needs further explanation.  Thus, this analysis will focus on the sanctions…

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20Dec 21
Turkey Map

Turkish Dollarlization

Turkey has essentially embraced a dollarlization policy.  The reasons for this are both typical and unique.  Last week, the Turkey stock exchange was halted.  This event had a bit of…

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04Nov 20
United States Map - 3d Render Illusration

US Election Projections

The race is very close.  The current situation is Biden at 224 and Trump at 213.  The remaining states that could decide the election are Pennsylvania (20), Georgia (16), North…

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25Mar 20
Stock Market Price Display

Market Update: Correct Call & Results

The market rebounded sharply yesterday.  Our view prior the the rebound was that the market was extremely oversold and that confidence was building in the market thanks to monetary and…

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24Mar 20
Financial News And Globe

Market Forecast: Rebound

The markets have probably hit bottom after the consistent bad news from the COVID-19 Pandemic.  There are two reasons behind our positive market forecast for a rebound in 2021. First,…

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