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26Sep 22

OptionWhiz Pro®| ETFview: TUR

The country level ETF for Turkey (TUR) has a very interesting volatility surface profile.  In short, the IV for puts up to about a year out are very high while…

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22Sep 22

Russian-Ukrainian War Analysis

Russia is now reacting from the recent success of the Ukranians in capturing territory in the northern front.  The Ukrainian plan was executed with the help of the Americans and…

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08Sep 22

ECB Rate Hike Projection

Our projection for the ECB rates in a couple of hours is that the rate hike will be stronger than expected for several reasons. Energy inflation has impacted the key…

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29Mar 22

Russian End Game Forecast

Our most likely secenario of the Russian end game looks more likely following the recent meeting in Istanbul between negotiators from Ukraine and Russia along with news that Russia may…

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