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03Nov 19
United States Federal Reserve Emblem On Note

US FED Decision

The recent policy move by the US Federal Reserve to reduce rates by 0.25 was expected by the market, thus not much surprise. What was interesting about this move was…

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27Mar 18
Map Of Turkey In Near East

New US Middle East Policy

The US policy in the Middle East will become more anti-Iranian over the next couple of months.  The key date here is the Iran Nuclear Deal sign off that Trump…

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27Mar 18
Map Of China On Globe

Trade War Forecast

Our view regarding the recent escalation of trade tensions is that we are just at the start of the process and that the recent market rally yesterday is premature. Chinese…

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23Feb 18
US Federal Reserve System Emblem

Monetary Policy Forecast

Our monetary policy forecast stays the same.  In short, we believe that the FED will raise more times and to a greater degree than the consensus three rate rises forecast.…

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