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Market Update: Correct Call & Results

The market rebounded sharply yesterday.  Our view prior the the rebound was that the market was extremely oversold and that confidence was building in the market thanks to monetary and fiscal support globally.

The SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF) gained 9.06%.  This represents the broad market rebound or benchmark.

In Macro Newsletter Pro,  our educational hypothetical portfolio trading results beat the benchmark.  Gains ranged from 12% to 29.68%, with 4 out 5 stock picks exceeding a gain of 20%.  In addition, option positions gained more.

Your subscription to Macro Newsletter Pro includes 10 plus option/investment alerts per year.  These are only for educational learning purposes and we subsequently incorporate these in our education offerings as case studies.  The goal is to help you acquire ‘trading intuition’ and improve your knowledge of the market.

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