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Powell: Not Far From Interest Rate Cut

US Federal Reserve Close to Cutting Rates

Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell indicated that the Fed is close to being confident about reducing interest rates, aiming for inflation to sustainably reach 2%. Investors have priced in a quarter-point rate cut by July. The Fed is expected to keep rates unchanged at its upcoming meeting in March while potentially planning for three to four rate cuts in 2024.

Key Points:

  • Jay Powell mentioned that the Fed is nearing confidence in cutting interest rates to prevent a recession.
  • Investors anticipate a quarter-point rate cut by July, with expectations for a potential rate cut in June.
  • Federal Reserve expected to maintain interest rates at the March meeting and possibly implement three to four rate cuts in 2024.
  • The US economy’s strength has allowed the Fed to cautiously approach rate cuts, contrasting with the ECB, which lowered its growth forecasts for the eurozone.

Recent Developments: In recent economic news, the US job market has shown signs of strength, with unemployment remaining low and wage growth steady. However, concerns about global economic growth and uncertainties surrounding trade tensions continue to loom over the market.

Potential Impact on Markets: The potential for rate cuts by the Federal Reserve has been received positively by investors, leading to increased market optimism. Lower interest rates can stimulate borrowing and spending, which could support economic growth. However, the impact of rate cuts on inflation and asset prices remains uncertain.

Looking Ahead: As the Fed navigates its monetary policy decisions, market participants will closely monitor economic indicators and Fed communications for further guidance. The upcoming Fed meeting in March will provide insights into the central bank’s outlook and potential policy actions for the rest of the year.

Our US FED Rate Expectations

Inflation will remain sticky and combined with the relative strenth of the US economy, we expect the FED to remain cautious. Even if the FED cuts in June, we expect them to be cautious and evaluate the data and not be in a rush to cut at the next meeting.