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02Nov 15
Turkey Physical Map

Turkish Election: In-Depth Analysis

The AK Party (AKP) won parliamentary majority in the elections yesterday.  With 316 seats out of 550 seats, it means that they do not need to form a coalition government…

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16Oct 15
Map Of Lebanon And Syria

Syria: Is a Deal in the Works?

There are strong reasons to think so. The recent deal between Turkey and the EU is related towards finding a solution for Syria. The fight for Aleppo could result in…

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16Oct 15
Turkey Map

Turkish EU Deal is a Game Changer

Just as Turkey seemed to be sliding into escalating violence and chaos, an opportunity arose and President Erdogan agreed to 3 Billion Euro aid package with the EU.  The impetus…

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14Oct 15
Euro Coin With Technical Analysis Background

ECB – Weak Data and German Slowdown

Germany is experiencing a slowdown in exports thanks to weakness in emerging markets, especially China which accounts for 6.5% of German exports.  The slowdown in China could be more than…

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