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Precision trading to capitalize on global macro events while managing risk!

Learn from our 15 years of highly successful options trading experience particularly during times of financial crises where macro factors are crucial to trading success.

See our Crisis Trading Track Record below.

Your OptionWhiz Pro™ membership includes a $150 coupon towards the online version of Options for Macro Traders™ course, located on our education portal - Macro Trading University® (click below for access) .

OptionWhiz Pro™   macro option alert service includes:

5 to 10+ Trade Alerts per year

Using options as a trading vehicle, we show you how to create high reward with limited risk trades focused on major economic and political events over the medium to long-term.
We also provide alternative ways to take advantage of these trading ideas using only stocks or ETFs.  This allows you to more flexibility as you can decided on an appropriate trading vehicle based on your risk profile.
The macro option alerts are for educational purposes only (please read our disclaimer).

Global Macro Advisory®

Our online macro newsletter covering our interpretation of global events is included FREE as part of your membership (a $149 value).

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Our newsletter covering the oil and energy markets. Benefit from our trading perspective based on years of experience.

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Learn how to trade the global macro environment with the right option strategy.  Take precise positions while limiting your risk.

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Trading options requires the choice of the right investment vehicle.  Benefit from our proprietary rating on various stock and ETF options!

Precision Trading on Global Events while Managing Risk!

Only $945/year

Trading Strategy

Global Macro - Opportunistic

Trading & Risk Level

Trading ideas or themes employ options, stocks or ETFs.

Risk can be low to high depending on the opportunity.

Suggested Account Size

The suggested minimum capital is $10,000 to $20,000 in a virtual practice account.

Track Record

Best Trades of 2016

Top 10 Trades of 2016

169%, 164%, 161%, 156%, 137%, 132%, 122%,126%, 112%, 105%

Trading Results 2016

As of October 6, 2016


Net Gain (after trading costs)

Crisis Trading™ Track Record

Exceptional returns were achieved during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007-2008 Credit Crunch. In fact, John predicted both financial crises earning a return that was several times his initial investment.

1997 Asian Crisis

  • Gained  More than 10 Times Initial Investment!
  • Risk Capped at 25% of Initial Investment!


  • 45 Option Trades
  • 67% Hit Ratio (Number of winning trades)
  • Best Trade after all Trading Costs:  120%


  • 127 Option Trades
  • 66% Hit Ratio (Number of winning trades)
  • Best Trade after all Trading Costs: 198%

Crises Trading™ 2007 and 2008

  • 2007
  • 2008

Precision Trading on Global Events while Managing Risk!

Only $945/year


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