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12Mar 23
Holding On To Rising Stock Market

SVB Collapse

The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse is the second largest bank failure in US history.  It is only dwarfed by the collapse of Washing Mutual Bank in September 2008.   SVB…

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22Sep 22
RUSSIA - 2013: Dedicated The 20th Anniversary Of The State Duma

Russian-Ukrainian War Analysis

Russia is now reacting from the recent success of the Ukranians in capturing territory in the northern front.  The Ukrainian plan was executed with the help of the Americans and…

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08Sep 22
Euro Coin With Technical Analysis Background

ECB Rate Hike Projection

Our projection for the ECB rates in a couple of hours is that the rate hike will be stronger than expected for several reasons. Energy inflation has impacted the key…

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25Mar 22
Globe - Russia

Russian Sanctions Analysis

The west led by the US has imposed very tough sanctions on Russia.  However, one of the key sanctions needs further explanation.  Thus, this analysis will focus on the sanctions…

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20Dec 21
Turkey Map

Turkish Dollarlization

Turkey has essentially embraced a dollarlization policy.  The reasons for this are both typical and unique.  Last week, the Turkey stock exchange was halted.  This event had a bit of…

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