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Our extensive trading experience in times of crises and non-crises periods combined with academic research helps you to increase your understanding of global events and financial crises.

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Gain valuable insights on the global financial markets and save a significant amount of time by following our interpretation of key geo-political and financial events.

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Avoid big losses on your portfolio and take advantage of market turning points by subscribing to our Macro Alert service.  Individual and organizational memberships available.

Benefit from our proven ability to interpret and capitalise on geo-political events, business cycles, monetary policy and financial crises.

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The ‘New Normal’ - crises are here to stay!

Have your assets have been affected by the Euro Crisis, Credit Crunch, Dot Com Bubble or Asian Financial Crisis?

Losses and Gains are not Symmetrical!

If you loose 50% of the value of your portfolio during a crisis, you need to gain 100% to get back to where you were.

Trading Trade Record of over 15 years

We predicted and capitalized on two major crises – 2007/2008 Credit Crunch and the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

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