Trading Info Hub™

Trading Info Hub™ contains four (4) specially designed sites providing you with selected information on economics, monetary policy, financial markets and politics in order to help you form expectations on how the global macro environment will affect future stock and other prices. You can either form your own global macro outlook or you can benefit from our practical experience and knowledge gained by trading in the global markets successfully in normal markets and during periods of financial distress. Either way, you can gain an understanding of global macro factors that will dramatically improve your trading results whether you are a fundamental or technical trader.

Monetary Policy

Keep up to date with the latest developments in monetary and fiscal policies with easy to access links from most central banks worldwide. For your convenience, we have sorted and organized the most relevant links and media sources of the key central banks.

Global Markets

Key links and resources to help you stay on top of the global financial markets. These links and resources have been carefully selected to provide you with a 'birds eye' view of the markets. Some of the resources have sign-up or membership requirements.


Economic indicators when released impact prices during various stages of the business cycle and trading on economic news/indicators can be profitable. Monetary policy decisions depend on economic indicators.  Even though they are often revised.

Policy and Politics

Politics is often the most difficult variable to analyze. To help in your trading decision making, we have carefully selected relevant political and policy related links and resources. It is often said that politics is more important than economics.